3-5 HOUR WEEKEND* | $250

4 HOUR WEEKDAY (4:30-8:30PM) | $175

*available time slots are 8am-1pm & 2pm-8pm. ALL set up and full clean up must be completed during the reserved window.


Additional Add-Ons
$25 | Playdoh or Slime Station, Bubble Machine

  • Weekend Rental | Full facility (2 Levels), up to 75 guests

  • Weekday Rental | 1st floor, up to 35 guests

  • Bounce house for ages 2-4

  • Use of BEAM digital projector game!

  • Bring any food and drinks you like

  • Decorations and crafts welcome

  • Amazon music & dot speakers available

  • Seating for up to 30 children & 24 adults


9:00-11:00AM / 9:30-11:30AM

A great option for a party with children and adults. Coffee (for the grown ups), juice, donuts, bagels, fruit.




Most ideal for parties expecting most parents to drop children off. Serving lunch to the gets a bit tricky with limited adult seating but can be lots of fun for older kids and a fun food theme!



Also recommended for groups planning a child-only, drop-off party. Lots of time to play and cake are the highlights!



4:30-6:30PM / 5:00-7:00PM

A fun time that works well for both drop-off and parent-inclusive parties. Weekends or weeknights. Appetizers and beverages for everyone! Dance party with bubbles and light machine anyone?

Verona Treehouse Location | New facility photos


Set Up | 30 MIN

A staff member will be on site to make sure you have everything you need. Bring any food, drinks or decorations you like!

Guest Arrival | 30 MIN

Kids enjoy the bounce house or play doh station and toys while everyone gets settled in.

Optional Host-Led Activity or Continued Play | 30 MIN

Dance party? Craft project?


Food! | 30 MIN

Invite your guests to get a plate or gather to sing Happy Birthday and serve cake.

PARTY!! | 30 MIN

Let everyone burn off that cake with a bit free play to end the party.

Clean Up | 30 MIN

A staff member will be back to help put toys away, sweep, clean tables and counters, etc.



Mix It Up Cereal Bar
Assorted dry cereal, raisins, dried fruit and fresh fruit make a fun, eat-with-your-fingers meal.


Hot Dog Bar
Go wild with hot dog toppings! Assorted pickles, veggies, cheese, chips. Mess Guaranteed!

Veggie and/or Fruit pizzas
Start with a pita and cream cheese or cookie with whip cream frosting and let the kids add their own fun toppings.


Popcorn Cups
An assortment of popcorn, M&Ms, mini-marshmallows, fruit snacks, gummies, etc. for children to mix and match.

I mean, who doesn’t love food on a stick? Fruit? Cheese? Marshmallows? All of the above!



  • Reservations can be made through our booking website found on the "Schedules & Booking" tab.
  • Full payment is due at the time of reservation.
  • Reservation may be cancelled or rescheduled per terms listed below.
  • Payment for reservation assumes agreement with facility policies & terms.


  • The event host is responsible for providing all food and beverages as well as plates, napkins, utensils, trash bags etc.
  • Children should be supervised during the event to ensure safe and appropriate play. The supervision of all guests is the responsibility of the party host.
  • If materials or property of The Treehouse is missing or damaged due to inappropriate use during the event, the replacement cost of those materials will be the responsibility of the party host.


  • If notice of cancellation is received at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the event, the party host may use their payment to reschedule for another available date.
  • Hosts who request a cancellation more than 6 weeks before the scheduled event may be offered a refund minus a $50 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation, unless due to weather, less than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled event will result in forfeit of all payments made.


As a condition for use of the facility and any materials at The Treehouse, hosts and their guests agree to waive any claim of bodily injury and agree this waiver will be in effect for all activities participated in.


  • Hosts will receive a confirmation email from the Party Coordinator 2 weeks prior to their scheduled event.
  • If you need to reach someone in case of emergency on the day of the event, please text Allison Plumer at 608/658-6769.
  • A Treehouse staff member will be present when you arrive to assist with general set-up and will assist with clean up (putting toys away, wiping tables and counters, mopping floors, bathrooms) at the end of the event.
  • Staff are not responsible for leading activities for guests unless prior arrangements are made and may not be on site during the entire event.
  • A Treehouse staff member will assist with the final clean up but hosts must have the space 100% cleared of their belongings by the end of their time block so that the next group can begin their set up.
  • Guest invitations should indicate and arrival time at least 30 minutes after the start of the time block and departure time at least 30 minutes before the end of the reserved block.
  • Please limit trash to 2 bags per party. If you have a large volume of paper materials or pizza boxes, please take those with you. Materials should be treated with respect and handled in an appropriate manner.
  • Consumable goods, such as sensory materials (in labeled bins on the top shelves out of the reach of children), should not be used or mixed unless prior authorization has been obtained.
  • Decorations may be hung on existing hooks, glass doors or tied to shelving/hardware. No tape should be used on painted surfaces or wood unless prior authorization is obtained.
  • Hosts are responsible for removing all decorations (including tape, string, etc.), trash and personal belongings at the end of the event.